Instructor: prof. Andrew Smaldone MA
Credit hours: 3--Contact hours: 90
Course Number: ART 311
: Painting and Drawing
Prerequisite: Drawing I, Beginning Painting, Painting II

In this advanced studio course, students will be working to obtain a sense of professionalism and excellence in painting.  Students will be asked to work with ideas in painting that relate to both figuration and abstraction in order to better understand current contemporary artistic practices.  Through rigorous study both in the studio and outside the classroom students will complete project-based works involving conceptual and visual stages that lead to resolved pieces.  In addition students will be asked to consider how painting relates to conceptual works in installation and/or assemblage.


The Italian cityscape provides a unique opportunity to collect found materials for mixed media work as well as offers a variety of hardware stores for cheaper materials that can be used for all media.  Stores such as Zecchi and Salvini provide students who need paints and other materials used for more traditional techniques. 
Note: You are welcome to bring paintbrushes with you from home, however, all items are available for purchase in Florence.  You will be taken to an art supply store the first week of class.  Acrylic paint or water based oil paint will be used. Good paints to have include:

- Sap Green
- Green Earth
- Burnt Umber
- Burnt Siena
- Yellow Ochre
- Raw Siena
- Ultramarine Blue
- Cerulean Blue
- Red Earth
- Cadmium Red Light
- Cadmium Yellow Deep
- Orange
- Titanium White
- Ivory Black

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Andrew Smaldone
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Andrew Smaldone completed an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2005, and a BA with honors from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. in 2001, where he was awarded the four-year Presidential Arts Scholarship.  In 2005, he co-founded ArtSEEN Journal and was the magazine’s Senior Editor until 2008, whereupon he began writing for various international contemporary art publications such as: London based Art Review and New York centered INPUT Journal. 
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