Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 90
Course Number: TBA
Department: Interior Design
Prerequisite: none

Course description:

Architectural drawing provides a means to obtaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies and subtleties that characterize outstanding buildings. Students will gain the ability to dissect buildings in numerous ways, thereby allowing them to appreciate a building in terms of formal elements -- scale, shape, proportion, colors, and materials -- and in terms of the problem solving reflected in the overall design. In this course, students utilize fast-paced freehand drawing techniques to record sequential experiences of moving through architectural spaces.  By constructing conventional architectural drawings, such as plans, elevations, and perspectives, students will enrich their perception of the architect’s design process. This course is not just for students "destined to become architects," but for all who are keen on learning to express themselves visually using a variety of media, including pencil, felt tip pens, watercolor, and digital photo collage.

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