Instructor: Andrea Adams, MBA

Credits: 3, Contact Hours: 90
Department: Liberal Arts

Course Number: COMM397
Prerequisites: This is an advanced level course, open to all majors. Students should have taken at least one course in Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Communications, Advertising, or Public Relations.

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. Promotion in a digital environment is where marketing meets the Internet and other forms of new media. This course is designed for students to gain both a conceptual perspective and specific tactics for analyzing the core elements of brand promotion in the digital arena.
Which brands draw your attention: Is it Nike, is it Google or is it Vogue? How do companies create compelling brand experiences and what are the mediums they use to do this? This course will explore such questions with the goal of identifying the ingredients for building and managing an inspired brand, and the promotion of it through digital efforts.
The course will consist of lectures, guest speakers, and case discussions, in order to provide the student with basic knowledge of brand promotion in the digital landscape. Students will work on assignments and projects that will help them fully understand the depth and breadth of this environment. Group discussions will enrich student knowledge of the subject by comparing projects and opinions. There will be a final project where students will develop their own company and digital marketing strategy.
This course is intended for students that want an understanding and application of managing a brand in the digital landscape. The course gives students a brief look at traditional methods of marketing and then illustrates how to promote in the new media environment.