Tiziana Landra
Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 45
Course Number: ARTH 369
Department: Art History
Prerequisite: none

Course Description

The art, history, and culture in Florence, Rome and Venice between Late XV century and the beginning of the XVII century are explored in this course. This historical period marked a shift in political, religious and artistic life of Italy. During this time many of the values acquired in the previous periods were under debate. The works of writers and artists were deeply affected by the social and political climate. It is during this period in History that we begin to see the roots of modern individualism.
This course is designed for students interested to have a clear overview of the development of the artistic production of the High Renaissance and of the role of the artists in the society of the time.
This class integrates lectures in literature, art history , philosophy and the history of the Church. Through lectures, slide shows, class discussions, walking tours, we will study how political, religious and historical events contributed to the artistic achievements of the period between the middle of the XV century and the beginning of the XVII century. The optional tours to Rome and Venice are warmly suggested.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Tiziana Landra
prof Landra at SRISA
Tiziana Landra was born in Milano, Italy and has lived and studied in Italy, Luxembourg and England (UCL). She graduated with honors from the University of Pisa, writing a thesis on the artist Leoncillo Leonardi. She later completed the Scuola di Specializzazione in Art History at the University of Pisa, with a thesis on Frantisek Kupka. She has published critical essays on both Renaissance and Modern Art.

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