Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 45
Course Number: ENGL 231
Department: Lliberal Art and Cultural Studies
Prerequisite: none

Course Description: 
Dante’s Inferno is the most famous and attractive writing of Medieval Italian literature. Together with the whole opera: the Divina Commedia, the Inferno represents the very beginning of a unitary Italian language. Dante can be considered de facto the father of modern Italian, and the Italian language itself was born in Florence as the result of his writings.  In the course, students will explore the first cantica of the Divina Commedia focusing on the history of medieval Florence (framework of Dante's book), and the characters and places depicted by the genius of the great Florentine writer.  Many lessons will be on-site, inside the buildings, monuments, and streets cited by Dante in the Inferno.

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Lorenzo Pubblici
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Pubblici was born in Florence and is former professor of Eastern European History at the University of Florence. He is currently a professor at Sarah Lawrence College, Florence Program as well as at Santa Reparata International School of Art.  His specialization is in the Middle Ages
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