Instructor: prof. Andrew Smaldone MA
Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 90
Course Number: ART 208
Department: Painting and Drawing
Prerequisite: none

Course description:
This course is designed to take advantage of the vast array of art and culture that is present in the city of Florence. Students will have the opportunity to refine knowledge pertaining to line, tone, and artistic anatomy through direct observational drawing of some of the most famous statues in the world. One-point perspective will also be studied in the city’s piazzas and corridors affording students a once in a lifetime opportunity to comprehend perspective in the place where Filippo Brunelleschi first demonstrated the concept to his fellow citizens over five hundred years ago. Lessons are enhanced by lectures, onsite visits, and slides that include both old master and contemporary works.

Supplies List:
Soft pencils and pencil sharpener
1 box Willow Charcoal
Soft charcoal
1 Sanding block
1 Putty eraser
Black Chinese Ink, and pointed medium sized Chinese ink brush
Newsprint 2 kilos
Art Supply carrier
Fixative odorless
1 large portfolio
1 small Sketchbook
Sheets of good paper (to be discussed in class)

40-50 Euro * Students will also be required to buy a sketchbook. The sketchbook will be a key to aiding students better understand elements of composition. Students will thus be required to do homework on a regular basis, that they will then put into practice in their painting. Watercolor, ink, soft pencil, and charcoal are excellent ways in which students can develop a dynamic sketchbook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cost will vary according to the amount of material each student chooses to use.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Andrew Smaldone MA
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Andrew Smaldone completed an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2005, and a BA with honors from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. in 2001, where he was awarded the four-year Presidential Arts Scholarship.  In 2005, he co-founded ArtSEEN Journal and was the magazine’s Senior Editor until 2008, whereupon he began writing for various international contemporary art publications such as: London based Art Review and New York centered INPUT Journal. 

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