Instructor: prof. Allison B. Cooke
Credit hours:
3--Contact hours: 90
Course number: 313
Department: Painting and Drawing
Prerequisite: No prerequisites are required.  However, drawing and painting experience is beneficial to the understanding of the course content.

Course Description:
A Florentine experience for both studio artists and art historians.
Many contemporary artists use methods that were developed during the Renaissance because of the richness and flexibility of such techniques and art historians have an obvious interest in knowing specifically how the materials were used to create the masterpieces of Florentine painting. This course is intended for both groups and does not rely on previous painting experience, though that is helpful.
The course provides extensive experience with a range of the traditional materials and methods that were used in the masterpieces produced in Italy throughout the Renaissance. Hands-on demonstrations, lectures and on-site field trips will inform both artists and art historians. The focus will be on the exploration of the distinctive luminosity and translucent characteristic of egg tempera and tempera grassa painting.
The source material for student works will include using photographs taken by the students of Florentine masterpieces, as well as art historical reproductions. In the studio students will learn the processes for making handmade gypsum or chalk gesso panels, preliminary drawings, transfers, silverpoint drawings, a variety of value and color glazing techniques, egg tempera paints mixed from dry pigments, tempera grassa (oil emulsion), and applying gold leaf.
The world-class museums within walking distance of the Santa Reparata studios create a unique opportunity for group discussion and personal artistic research from actual Renaissance paintings.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Allison B. Cooke
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Allison Beckwith Cooke earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1976 and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1988. Throughout her teaching career, Cooke has taught a wide range of studio disciplines including design, color theory, drawing, life drawing, pastel, oil, acrylic and watercolor at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and full-time in the Department of Art and Design housed in the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Cooke has taught summer courses in drawing and painting at Santa Reparata International School of Art since 2007.


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