Instructor: prof. Andrew Smaldone MA
Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 90
Course Number: ART 316
Department: Painting and Drawing
Prerequisite: none

Course Description: 

Drawing in the expanded field is a studio art course that focuses on exploring contemporary drawing across a wide range of subjects and media.  Students will initially look closely at ideas pertaining to the pictorial and conceptual nature of the subject of drawing as a means to record, communicate and discover through mark making in wet and dry media.  As the course progresses, students will study artists working with drawing in media other than traditional materials. Alternative ways of drawing will be explored through the use of video, assemblage, on-site interventions and digital technology. The course concludes with a focus on what it means to measure one’s own abilities in relation to what is being made by today’s most influential international artists.  Students will, therefore, be required to make final projects that have a clear sense of what it means to make contemporary drawings – intentionally done in a medium that best fits their endeavor – for exhibition purposes. 

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Andrew Smaldone
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Andrew Smaldone completed an MA from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London in 2005, and a BA with honors from The George Washington University, Washington D.C. in 2001, where he was awarded the four-year Presidential Arts Scholarship.  In 2005, he co-founded ArtSEEN Journal and was the magazine’s Senior Editor until 2008, whereupon he began writing for various international contemporary art publications such as: London based Art Review and New York centered INPUT Journal. 

NOTE: Drawing in the Expanded Field will be taught by professor Michael Behle during Summer 2016
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