Spring 2012

During the Fall and Spring semesters the SRISA fashion program organizes a fashion show of work produced by students in Garment Construction, Fashion Illustration and advanced fashion courses. 
The students of the Italian Fashion Industry course travel to Milan during Fashion Week to watch the runway shows and gather insight into the process, which they then use to organize and run SRISA’s fashion show.

Frequently fashion students collaborate with students in other areas such as painting and photography.  Painting students have been asked to paint garments and photo students images have been used on garments designed by fashion students.  

Each event is unique and students in other courses are frequently asked to participate as models as well as photographers.  The event is an excellent opportunity for young designers to get a taste of what the fashion world is like.

SRISA Fashion Show, Past Events

    GrafisME, SPRING 2012

    Santa Reparata International School of Art, SRISA - Via San Gallo, 53r Florence Italy,
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    More images from the latest Fashion Show, clic to activate the slide!

    SRISA Fashion professor Enrica Guidato at the latest Fashion Show Alessia and Gloria Audience before the show

    Professor Enrica Guidato presenting the Show, April 2012 Alessia Alessandri Amanda Romeo at the latest SRISA student showAmanda Romeo, second outfit

    Amanda Romeo on the runway Amanda Young Amanda Young on the runwayAmanda Amanda Young second outfit

    Borbala Jihuz on the runway Caitlin Schwartz on the runway Sascha Connelly ElizabethSascha Connelly third outfit

    Elizabeth Bondor on the runway Kayleigh Olive on the runway Lauren Callis on the runway Sascha

    Milou Michaels on the runwayKayleigh at the latest SRISA fashion show Milou

    Milou on the runway Sascha Connelly on the runway Student Mollie Weaver at the show
    Mollie Weaver with student and designer Caitlin Schwartz at the latest SRISA Fashion Show, April 2012Sascha Connelly during the latest fashion showStudents Alejandro Vela and Jen Sikian at the SRISA fashion show

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