Past Principles, the SRISA Fashion Show for Spring Term 2014

Fashion is at once contemporary and anachronistic; a constant recycling of style, fit, fabric, and form. Santa Reparata’s 2014 fashion show features clothing from one of the most important moments in garment history : the 20th Century, also known as the century of designers. SRISA and WashU Fashion students have re-interpreted each of the decades with a contemporary and innovative eye.
Draped Elegance Fashion Illustration students challenged themselves creating dresses out of simple scarves. ␣e inspiration came from 30's style, with the glamourous white evening dress and the influence of art in fashion. Elsa Schiapparelli work is the starting point for a collection that plays with artists such as Jackson Pollock and Georgia O'Keee. All the pieces are hand-sewn and hand-painted.
Decades Fashion design students from Washington University in St. Louis created one garment based on their investigation of specific decade between 1920 and 1990.␣e experience of the entire semester, visiting trade shows, fashion museums and Milan fashion week, served as inspiration for capturing the essence of each decade and elaborate it with a fresh and personal vision.
Behind the Picket Fence ␣is collection, an independent study by WashU student Sarah Ettinger, references 1950s advertising, pin up girls, and the Americana suburban housewife. Using a diverse range of colors and fabrics, this collection both references and reinvents the 1950s. Fun and flirty while maintaining an air of sophistication Sarah epitomizes the image of midcentury femininity.