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prof. Andrew Smaldone
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Prof. Gaglianò online project “the wall archives”
SRISA Full Professor of Contemporary Art History

Art critic and scholar of contemporary languages. Contextually to the studies at the Faculty of Architecture, he has been devoted to the knowledge and analysis of the contemporary visual culture. His main topics of interest concern the urban, architectural and social context as stage for contemporary artistic practices; the interaction between arts and geopolitical emergency matters; the relationships between visual art experience and theoretical system of performing arts and experimental theatre. He experiments hybrid forms between art and formation, where creative languages are intended and exploited in an anti discrimination function and to increase social awareness.
Since 2000 he practices an intense research of writing criticism, curating and events’ planning. Currently is member of the Executive Board of Centro Creazione Cultura, Il Vivaio del Malcantone, and Fosca. He is curator for Archiviazioni. He is part of the project Madeinfilandia (, and he collaborates with the residency Guilmi Art Project ( as curator of Nuova Didattica Popolare.
From 2007 to 2014 he has been coordinator of visual arts projects at the Teatro Studio of Scandicci. From 2004 to 2006 he has been resident curator at “Quarter – Center Art Production”, Florence. From 2004 to 2006 he directed the Angle (Florence), non profit space for exhibitions about architecture, environment and geopolitical emergency. He is the initiator and administrator of the project “Omelette”, between experimental book industry and artist’s multiples (2005-2007). He collaborated with several public and private institutions and art galleries, and several municipal and provincial administrations in Italy and abroad.
Among the ongoing projects there is “the Wall (archives)”, an exhibition / archive in progress, which collects contributions on the geopolitical concept of the wall, involving over 170 authors (

Since 2005 he made projects, exhibitions, workshops in collaboration with public institution like Regione Toscana, Provincia di Firenze, Comune di Firenze, Centro Pecci di Prato, Ex3 (Firenze), Museo di Villa Croce di Genova, CanGo - Cantieri Goldonetta (Firenze), Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Torino), Fies Festival (Dro, Trento), Florens – Biennale Internazionale dei Beni Culturali, Università della Calabria, Cosenza; and with private galleries and associations like Assab One Milano, Castelloinmovimento Fosdinovo, Fondazione Biagiotti Firenze, Tiboni Bologna, Pantaleone Palermo, Fuoricampo Siena, Nosadella.2 Bologna, Dejavu Bologna, Nuvole Scicli, CasaSponge Arte Contemporanea Pergola (PU).

He has been editor in chief for (where he published 156 articles), and he collaborated with other art magazines: Arte&Critica and Artribune.

Since 2011 he collaborates with l’Università degli Studi di Firenze - Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia; with NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Brescia/Firenze) where he teaches Performance Art.
Since 2013 he teaches “History of Contemporary Art” and “Feminism in Art” at Srisa (Santa Reparata International School of Art). He teaches “Installation and Performance Art” presso la SACI (Studio Art Center International) Firenze, where he teaches in the second year of the Master in Fine Arts.
He is artistic coordinator of the projects made by the international network Roots&Routes about informal education and antidiscrimination.

● “La forma della città”, concept and curatorship of the group show, Eduardo Secci Arte Contemporanea, Florence, 2016.
● “Corpo a corpo”, concept and curatorship of the group show, Passaggi Arte Contemporanea, Pisa, 2016
● “Time and Sweat”, participation with an audiowork to the project “MangiaMina”, by the artist Claudia Passeri, Centre d’Art de la Ville de Dudelange, Luxembourg 2015/2016.
● “I can Reach you – Bianco Valente, Claudia Losi, Valerio Rocco Orlando”, concept
and curatorship of the project (artist residence and exhibition) with Daria Filardo and Angel Moya Garcia, Accademia dello Scompiglio, Vorno-Lucca, 2015-2016.
● “TU-35”, tutoring and curatorship for the cycle of exhibition about young artists in Tuscany (Massa Carrara, Firenze, Arezzo),
ex-Macelli Pubblici / Centro Pecci, Prato 2015.
● “Walking on the Planet”, concept
and curatorship of the project (artist residence and exhibition), Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, 2015.
● “La Camera delle Meraviglie”, concept
and curatorship of the exhibition, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni Valdarno, 2015.
● “cenacoli – Maura Banfo e Pietro Gaglianò”, artistic-curatorial residence, Novella Guerra, Imola, 2015.
● “Habitat-Habitus-Humus - M’arte”, curatorial residence, Querceto-Volterra, 2015.
● “
Nessun dove, Silvia Mariotti and Ryts Monet” curatorship of the exhibition, Artcore Gallery, Bari.

“Nuova didattica popolare (New Popular Didactics)”, curatorial residency and experimental educational format Guilmi Art Project, (Chieti), since 2013

● Madeinfilandia, collaboration to the artist residence project, Pieve a Presciano, Arezzo, since 2011
● “The Wall (archives) #10”, Assab One, Milano, Maggio 2015.
● “End(less) – Antone Israel”, curatorship of the solo exhibition. Rosanna Musumeci Artecontempoaranea, Bruxelles, 2014.
● “Marta Dell’Angelo”, curatorship of the solo exhibition. Srisa Gallery, Firenze, 2015.
● “The Wall (archives) #9”, Sponge ArteContemporanea, Pergola (PU), 2014.
● “Temporary monuments”, concept and curatorship of workshop and exhibition, with 11 young artists from Italy and abroad Srisa Gallery, Firenze, october 2014

● “Invasioni” curatorship and coordination, with Julia Draganovic, artist residence and production of art public intervention, Diego Cibelli, Ryts Monet, Cosimo Veneziano. Castello Malaspina – Massa, Ex Ospedale di San Giacomo – Carrara, Museo della Resistenza – Fosdinovo, summer 2014.
● “breathing as a revolutionary message – studio++”, curatorship of the context specific project, various venues and final display in Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze, summer 2014.

● “Piece – percorsi della performance”, concept and curatorship of the festival dedicated to performance art in Italy, Luigi Presicce, Francesca Grilli, Ruben Montini, Mauro Stagi, Virginia Zanetti. Teatro Studio, Scandicci, gennaio giugno 2014.
● “Luca Pancrazzi - Mi disperdo e proseguo…”, curatorship of the solo show. Assab One, Milano, may 2014.
● “Adalberto Abbate / Francesco Lauretta”, curatorship or the two solo show in occasion of “Nuvole”, art projects in monumental contexts. Scicli, Ragusa, may 2014.
● “Inventing the Memorable – Filippo Berta / Pantani-Surace”, concept and curatorship of the two actions of public art, in occasione della Notte Bianca Firenze. Aprile 2014.
● “Bianco Valente – Campo visivo”, curatorship or the site specific project. Srisa Gallery, Firenze, january 2014.
● “2performance – Lordana Longo / Emanuele Becheri”, Teatro Studio, Scandicci, december 2013.
● “The Topography of Citizenship”, concept and curatorship of workshop and exhibition, with 9 young artists from Italy and abroad, Srisa Gallery, Firenze, november 2013.
● “Nuova didattica popolare (New Popular Didactics)”, curatorial residency and experimental educational format Guilmi Art Project, (Chieti), 2013
“The Wall (archives) #8 – beyond the railway”, workshop and exhibition in collaboration with B.go Loreto and Crac Cremona, june-august 2013
The Wall (archives) #8 – beyond the railway”,
● “Outside. Art in public space”, concept and curatorship of the project with workshops and meeting about relationship between art and public sphere, with Lungomare/Osservatorio Urbano, Largo Baracche, Viaindustriae, Teatro Studio di Scandicci, aprile 2013.
● “Il primo giorno di sole – Serena Fineschi”, curatorship of the solo exhibition, Galleria Fuoricampo, Siena, maggio 2013
● “L’esercizio del lontano – Elena El Asmar”, curatorship of the solo exhibition, Srisa, Firenze, March 2013.
● “La Mala educaciòn”, concept and curatorship of the project (group exhibition with artists Gaetano Cunsolo, Silvia Giambrone, Nero, Sergio Racanati; and with the involvement of Julia Draganovic, Maria Pecchioli, Mauro Stagi), Biagiotti Progetto Arte, Firenze February-April 2013
● “Hic et nunc”, concept and curatorship of performing art festival, site specific performances by Elena Nemkova, Luca Pucci, Zoom Festival VII, Teatro Studio di Scandicci, Firenze, december 2012
● “Scripta, l’arte a parole II”, concept and curatorship of the cycle of lectures concerning books about contemporary arts, Libreria Brac, Firenze, 2012-2013
● “Liberté Egalité Fraternité”, cycle of conversations about the pillars of Western democracy: Alessandro Mencarelli, Juan Pablo Macias, Leone Contini, Madeinfliandia III, october 2012
● “Diaphasis”, concept and curatorship of the residency for artists and curators (in collaboration with Archiviazioni and Corniolo Art Platform), Borgo San Lorenzo, Firenze, August 2012
● “News from Nowhere”, concept and curatorship of the project (seminar and exhibition) with students from Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, SRISA project space, June 2012
● “Piano con paesaggio - visioni e confronti”, concept and curatorship of the national convention
with a Lectio Magistralis by Marc Augé, Teatro Studio, Scandicci, May 2012
● “Cartabianza Firenze” – curatorship of the group exhibition, Museo di Villa Croce, Genova (in collaboration with Silvia Cini, Lorenzo Bruni, Daria Filardo), April 2012
● “the Wall (archives)”, concept and curatorship of the archive / exhibition format, Università della Calabria, Cosenza - Museo di Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa), Casinò Luxembourg, Luxembourg City - , Lecce - Reload, Roma - Nosadella2, Bologna - private flat, Firenze, 2010-2012 (ongoing project)
● “Portfolio” concept and curatorship of the cycle exhibition about new italian artistic generation (under 30), EX3 Firenze (IN PROGRESS)
● “I ragazzi formidabili. Leone Contini, Pietro Mele, Sergio Racanati”, concept and curatorship of the cycle exhibition, Srisa Project Space, Firenze, march-may 2012.
● “OA, five plays about artwork” critical advice to the project by Giancarlo Cauteruccio, with Alfredo Pirri, Enrico Castellani, Jannis Kounellis, Loris Cecchini, Teatro Studio di Scandicci, Firenze, 2012
● “To be Told”, concept and curatorship of the international workshop about minority groups in Europe, in collaboration with Associazione Fabbrica Europa, Firenze, march 2012.
● Adalberto Abbate, “Firenze says”, curatorship of the exhibition, site specific project, Srisa Gallery Firenze, 2012.
● Leonora Bisagno – Claudia Passeri “Un ciclone tropicale nell’emisfero boreale”, collaboration and critical essay for the exhibition, Centre d’Art Dominique Lange, Ville de Dudelange (Lussemburgo), 2012.
● Bianco-Valente, “Costellazione di me”, collaboration and critical essay for the exhibition, galleria Fabio Tiboni – Sponda, Bologna, 2012
● “Scripta, l’arte a parole”, concept and curatorship of the cycle of lectures concerning books about contemporary arts, Libreria Brac, Firenze, 2011-2012
● “Controcorrente”, curatorship of the performances by Cristian Chironi, Filippo Berta, nero/Alessandro Neretti, visual arts schedule in occasion of Zoom Festival IV, Teatro Studio di Scandicci, Firenze, 2011
● “A parole”, curatorship of the performances and readings by Teatrino Clandestino, Fosca, Francesco Di Tillo, Gaetano Cunsolo, in occasion of Madeifilandia, Pergine Valdarno, Arezzo, 2011
● “Passaggio a Prato”, curatorship of the cycle exhibition at Gallery Die Mauer (Paolo Meoni, Marco Biagini/Thoko Senda, Franco Ionda/Franco Menicagli), Prato 2010-2011
● “I linguaggi dell’arte – Witnesses/Territories” meetings and workshops with artists and curators: Anna Detheridge, Emanuela Baldi, Gruppo Diogene, Teatro Studio di Scandicci – 2011
● “Pomeriggi in città” concept and curatorship of the five artist workshops, Palazzo Giovane, Fabbrica Europa, Firenze – may 2011.
● “circa uguale – studio++”, in collaboration with “Ovo - Magazine” – Firenze 2010.
● “Rumors – Marcella Vanzo”, curatorship of the performance, Zoom Teatro V, Scandicci – 2010.
● "Visions of the City" project for Florens, 2010, International Week of Cultural Heritage,  site specific works by Leonora Bisagno, Francesco Ozzola, Olga Pavlenko, Eva Sauer, Studio++.
● “Hypnoerotomachia”, concept and curatorship of the exhibition with Cristian Chironi and Davide Rivalta, Galleria Biagiotti, Firenze.
● Tutor curator for Tuscany for the project Un’Espressione Geografica by Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino.
● “Vegetarian Time”, installation performance, Aoristò, Pistoia, 2010
● “Studio++ - Domani è un altro giorno”, curatorship of the site specific project, Spot, Pistoia 2010
● “Deep”, installation performance, Firenze 2010
● “The Languages ​​of Art - Visions and points of view, project meetings with artists and curators”: Luca Pozzi, Valerio Borgonuovo, Tayo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Simone Menegoi, Elisa del Prete, Teatro Studio di Scandicci - 2010
● “Pane / Bread”. Performance with Angela Nocentini and Gaetano Cunsolo, Fabbrica Europa 2010, Firenze
● “Storie dai Margini. Racconti di cittadinanza alternativa / Stories from the Margins. Alternative narratives of citizenship”. Concept and curatorship of the project and of the exhibition, in collaboration with Comune di Firenze, Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili - 2010
● “Scandicci Discovery”, three art projects for urban space: workshops, meeting, performances, Scandicci (2009):
- “Marcello Maloberti - Ghiaccio”, urban site specific projects and performance of Marcello Maloberti –
- Scandicci Zone, in collaboration with 1:1projects e Formazero
- EPPISITIS (le città felici), three dates with video art, Teatro Studio Scandicci (in collaboration with Eva Fabbris, Alba Braza, Sabrina Vedovotto)
● “Dehors”, urban site specific projects with Cristian Chironi, Giovanni Ozzola, Enrico Vezzi – Scandicci, Firenze - 2008
● “Bad Boys – Gangs and Tribes from the Contemporary City”, grouo exhibiton with Fikret Atay, Shoja Azari, Paolo Chiasera, Benny Chirco, Marcello Maloberti, Maria Marshall,Giovanni Ozzola,Robert Pettena, Marcella Vanzo – Ancient Castle and Garden “Degli Acciaioli”, Scandicci – Firenze - 2008
● “Eppi femili (the happy family)”, five dates with International video artists about the contemporary family identity, Teatro Studio Scandicci – Firenze - 2008
● “Gentlemen”, Benny Chirco solo show, Francesco Pantaleone Arte Contemporanea, Palermo - 2008
● “City Theatre”, group exhibition with Motus Maura Banfo,Francesco Ozzola,Eugenio Percossi, Franco Menicagli, Giancarlo Bianchini and Mathilde N. Poirier ( Hotel Nuclear project ) - International Festival of Video Architecture, Firenze - 2008
● Cura e realizzazione della mostra Spazio Comune, giovani artisti toscani a Palazzo Vecchio,prodotto dalla Presidenza del Consiglio del Comune di Firenze - 2008
● “Video Shake – Bosy Shapes”, group exhibition with Daniela De Lorenzo, Luisa Cortesi, Marzia Migliora, Greta MAtteucci, Robert Pettena, Loredana Longo - Centro Pecci, Prato / Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze - 2008
● “Twice”, Giovanni Ozzola solo exhibition – Viper Theatre, Firenze - 2007
● “Gretel”, a project between video art and poetry in collaboration with Elisa Biagini - 2007
● “Late Landscapes – recent generation groups and artists in Italy”, touring group exhibition Firenze, Scandicci, Roma, Nuoro - 2007
● “Storytellers”, group exhibiton with Italo Zuffi, Antonio Rovaldi, Ofri Cnaani, Sara Rossi, Debora Ligorio, Francesco Carone, with the collaboration of Isola Art Center – Ancient Castle and Garden “Degli Acciaioli”, Scandicci – Firenze - 2007
● “Hommage to Giuseppe Chiari” - Ancient Castle and Garden “Degli Acciaioli”, Scandicci – Firenze - 2007
● “Lessico Europeo”, group exhibition with Kuba Bakowski, Patrick Jolley and Reynold Reynolds, Matteo Fato, Chiara Guarducci, Marco MAzzi - Festival Fabbrica Europa 2007, Firenze - 2007
● “Maneggiare con Cura”, Maura Banfo site specific project, “Thanksgivingsday”, di Loredana Longo site specific project – in collaboration with Cantieri Goldonetta Firenze and Compagnia Virgilio Sieni Danza, Oltrarno Atelier - Firenze - 2007
● “Hibryds – When Art meets Porn” – in collaboration with Festival Drodesera Fies, Trento - 2007
● Conception and editing of Omelette, experimental magazine between book industry and artist multiple – 2006/2007
● Collaboration with Loredana Longo for the project “Explosion”, exhibition cycle - Galleria Francesco Pantaleone, Palermo, la Galleria La corte Arte Contemporanea, Firenze, i Cantieri Goldonetta, Firenze, Centrale Fies, Dro, Trento – 2006/2008

● “Portrait of the Artist into the Objective – Hommage to Nam June Paik” - Ancient Castle and Garden “Degli Acciaioli”, Scandicci – Firenze - 2006
● “Quasi l’infanzia, i bambini e lo sguardo dell’artista”, group exhibition with Nan Goldin, Fischli and Weiss, Ingar Krauss, Maria Marshall,Wang Nindge, Paolo Parisi, Paola de Pietri, Luca Stoppini - Sala d’Arme di Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze - 2006
● “Una Tarda sera nel Futuro – Samuel Beckett and visual arts”, group exhibition with Liliana Moro, Bruce Nauman and a project site specific by Giancarlo Cauteruccio - Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci’, Prato - 2006
● “Déjavu”, First edition, video festival with Salla Tykka, Annika Larsson, Patrick Jolley, Anri Sala, Paolo Chiasera, Bianco-Valente - Cineteca di Bologna - 2006
● “Ttrame – con l’abito, intorno all’abito”, group exhibition – Milano - 2005

● Resident curator at “Quarter Centro Produzione Arte”, directed by Sergio Risaliti – Firenze – 2004/2006
- Curator for the project “En Plein Air”
- Curator for the project “Auto da Fé”, video interwiev with artists
- Critical essays. Catalogues editing. Assistance to the Artistic Director
● “Angle”, no profit space for exhibition about architecture, environment and geopolitical emergency, in collaboratione with Eva Parigi and Matteo Zetti, studio Z+P design – Firenze – 2004/2006

Books as author

● “Memento. The Obsession with the Visible”, Postmediabooks, Milano, 2016.

● “La versione di Bruto. Le parole e il potere - Estetica del monumento nello spazio pubblico / According to Bruto. Words and Power. Aesthetics of monuments in public space”, in “Ri-nascite”, Firenze University Press.
● “Focus on Art and Science, in the Performing Art”, in “Reduce, Recycle, Reuse”, edited by Vittorio Fiore, Department of Architecture, Siracusa – Edizioni Lettera 22, 2013
● “Mappa Mundi”, introduction to the book “Tecnologie della finzione. Ephemeral Architectures”, Department of Architecture Siracusa – Edizioni Lettera 22, 2011
● “Idola. Apparitions, symbols and phantomes in western tradition”, in “Raccolta Atti del X Convegno Internazionale di Studi. Filosofia della Musica e Musica della Filosofia”, edited di Antonella Barbarossa, Conservatorio di Musica “F. Torrefranca”, Vibo Valentia 2010.

Editing of specialized books, monographs and exhibition catalogues
● “Architetture di Luce, il teatroarchitettura di Krypton”, Titivillus Pisa, 2014
● “Prometeo. Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts”, editing of the book, with Paolo Ruffini, Editoria & Spettacolo, Roma 2011
● “Loris Cecchini”, monograph, Shin, Brescia 2008
● “Bad Boys”, exhibition catalogue, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2008
● “Loredana Longo – Explosion”, monograph, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2007
● “Quasi l’infanzia, i bambini e lo sguardo dell’artista / Almost a childhood, kids an the artist’s gaze”, essay. Texts and editing of exhibition ctalogue, Bandecchi e Vivaldi, Pontedera 2006
● “3D cities – Giacomo Costa”, monograph, Firenze 2005
● “Trame con l’abito – Intorno all’abito”, Edizioni Pendragon, Bologna 2005
“Maurizio Nannucci. Critical Antology”, editing of the book.

Critical essays published in exhibition catalogues and specialized books
● “The invention of memory”, in “Keep your feelings in memory”, Borderline, Luxembourg, 2014
● “In riva di un mare sonoro”, in “L’esercizio del lontano – Elena El Asmar”, catalogo della mostra Gli Ori, Pistoia 2013
● “De re et de natura (la nature et les choses) in “Un ciclone tropicale nell’emisfero boreale – Leonora Bisagno / Claudia Passeri”, Editions Centre d’Art Dominique Lange, Ville de Dudelange (Lussemburgo), 2012
● “A parole”, in “Madeinfilandia 2012”, Gli Ori, Pistoia 2012
● “Il bello della crisi”, in “Hostage/Privilege”, Gli Ori, Pistoia 2011
● “Tutti Responsabili”, in “Un mondo di carta. Arte e Design”, Skira 2011.
● “Nessun oggetto verticale, tutti giacenti e sparsi - Beckett, Nauman e Cauteruccio”, in “Nero chiaro – lo spazio beckettiano e le messe in scena di Giancarlo Cauteruccio”, edited by G. Frasca, Editoria & Spettacolo, Roma 2010
● “In arte, Krypton” in “Teatri di Luce – Spazio Corpo Tecnologia”, Titivillus Mostre Editoria, 2010
● “Dal bosco”, in “Nel Bosco”, di Virgilio Sieni, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2008
● “Elisabetta Scarpini”, Edizioni Pendragon, Bologna 2006
● “Wunderkammer”, in “Ecce Uomo”, edited by S. Risaliti e G. Testa, Electa, 2006
● “Cancellazione”, in “Paolo Parisi Conservatory”, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2005
● “Time watches from the shadow”, in “The Gesture”, edited by M. Fokidis, S.Risaliti, D. Vitali, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2005
● “Impromptu. Un’improvvisazione per Enzo Cucchi”, in Enzo Cucchi – be… be… be… (all’ombra)”, Maschietto Editore, Firenze 2005