Instructor: prof. Enrica Guidato

Credits: 3, Contact Hours: 45
Department: Design

Course Number: HUM 297
Prerequisites: There are no pre-requisites for this course


This course is a survey of the global fashion industry emphasizing the role of both design and merchandising and all aspects of the development of apparel and accessories from fiber to finished product in a retail setting. Students will work on assignments and projects that will help them fully understand the depth and breadth of the fashion environment. Group critiques and class discussions will enrich student knowledge of the subject by comparing projects and opinions. The course is intended for students that want a thorough understanding of the global fashion industry and career opportunities within the various levels of the fashion environment.

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Enrica Guidato
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Enrica Guidato comes from Lecce, Italy. After receiving her scientific Diploma, she moved to Florence and then New York where she received her Associate Degree for Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology S.U.N.Y. She also received a Diploma for Apparel Design at Ent-Art Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. 

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