Instructor: prof. Pietro Gaglianò
Credit hours: 3--Contact hours: 45
Course numberARTH-297
Department: Lliberal Arts
Prerequisite: The course is open to all students with a basic background knowledge in modern and contemporary art history.

Course Description:
In this lecture course, students will study the developing presence of female artists in visual art and contemporary culture.  The course follows two divergent streams of thought: 
- The first investigates the relationship of women in the history of contemporary art and their contribution to both conceptual and linguistic innovation.
- Secondly, beginning with the 1960s, students will learn about feminism as the most radical cultural transformation of the contemporary era.  They will explore the ongoing revolution by looking closely at the ways, tools and actions by which women made their presence felt in the realm of art and society during last 50 years.
Short monographic seminars will be dedicated to some of the major protagonists of the era.  Students will be asked to attend exhibitions and theater shows in Florence and to read selected literature from the period.  Brainstorming and debates will aim to give students the means to create personal opinions about the lessons' topics as a means to fully understand the period in question.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Pietro Gaglianò
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Art critic and scholar of contemporary languages. Contextually to the studies at the Faculty of Architecture, he has been devoted to the knowledge and analysis of the contemporary visual culture. His main topics of interest concern the urban, architectural and social context as stage for contemporary artistic practices; the interaction between arts and geopolitical emergency matters; the relationships between visual art experience and theoretical system of performing arts and experimental theatre. He experiments hybrid forms between art and formation, where creative languages are intended and exploited in an anti discrimination function and to increase social awareness.

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