prof. Tina Fallani
Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 45
Course Number: INTD 103
Department: Lliberal Arts
Prerequisite: none

Course Description
This course deals with the relationships between Italian traditions, folklore and contemporary Italian society, for example the links between festivals, food and wines, tourism and today’s Italian economy. Nowadays the image of Italy in the world is tightly connected with the global diffusion and promotion of its leading "Made in Italy" products, among which food and wines are the most important. The land of poor emigrants has become the land of class and style, Italian chefs are as popular as Italian fashion designers, Italian wines feature among the best wines of the world, and Italian recipes have found their way to the world’s most renowned restaurants menus. This course will give students the opportunity to discover the reasons for this miracle through a wide range of hands-on cooking lessons, wine and food tasting, field trips and guest lectures.

Important Note: Due to the cooking portion of this course, students with food allergies/limitations should be aware that alterations to the menus cannot be made.

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Tina Fallani
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Tina Fallani Benaim has been teaching Italian Cinema since 1992. In addition to SRISA she teaches at Georgetown University and Syracuse University.  In 1981 she finished film school in Milan, Italy with a degree in cinema and television specializing in film and video editing. Tina has been pursuing her passion for teaching cooking on a professional level since 2005.
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