Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 90

Course Number: ART 341

Dept: Fashion Design

Prerequisite: Garment Construction I


Course Description:
This course presents more complex and specialized manufacturing techniques in clothing construction. Applications of skills, organization, and evaluation of the manufacturing process, and acquired methodology are developed, discussed, and demonstrated. Emphasis is on the development of a quality product.

Final Fashion Show: At the end of every semester students have the opportunity to show the work they have completed throughout the semester. Students are involved in organization of the show : everything from the invitation to the press release, from the selection of music and accessories to the model casting, from the stage managing to the creation of the outfits is done by Santa Reparata students. Friends and locals are invited to this event making it a very lively and exciting evening.

Materials necessary for this course are:
The school will provide sharing materials like: muslin, fabrics for the final garments; use of pins, rulers, French-curves.

Students should get the following supplies:
  • Notebook,
  • Pencils,
  • Paper scissors
  • fabric scissors,
  • needles,
  • measuring tape,
  • chalk,
  • trims for final garments.

You may need to purchase more supplies as the semester proceeds Aprox.cost: 35-40 Euro.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Sophie Springer
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Sophie Springer came from Vienna, Austria to Florence to study Fashion Design.  After graduating from Polimoda, Florence with an F.I.T. program she continued studying accessories concentrating on shoes and bags.

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