Instructor: Gloria Marco Munuera Ph.D.
Credit hours:
3--Contact hours: 90
Course number: ART 496
Department: Photography and Film Production
Prerequisite: none

Course description:
An independent project takes place outside the regular classroom environment and is the advanced study of a topic of particular interest to the student. It requires a faculty advisor who will periodically consult with the student, evaluate the result of the project and submit the grade.. An independent project must not be equivalent in content to courses offered at Santa Reparata. It is expected that students create and develop a study or production schedule for their projects and that they are prepared to devote at least 3 clock hours of work per week (45 clock hours per semester) for each credit award to be awarded. Students are required to begin developing their project ideas and completing their independent project form before the add/drop period ends. The faculty advisor must approve the proposed project by signing the form. The completed form must be presented to the Director.

Supplies List:
To be decide with professor after approval of student research project
You are expected to have a 35mm and a DSLR cameras that permit manual adjustment of shutter speeds and apertures. You will also be required to purchase your own b/w film and paper for the class.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Gloria Marco Munuera Ph.D.
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Gloria Marco Munuera was born in Spain. She is an art/photographer who uses digital and alternative techniques within photography. She holds a PhD in Fine Arts-Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She also graduated with a MFA from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, and an MA in Photography from the Libera Accademia of Art in Florence, Italy.

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