Instructor: Matilde Zampi
Credits hours: 8 Italian credits+6 Elective credits
Course number:
Italian Language
Prerequisite: none

Course description:
Intensive Italian is a beginner level language course that offers students the opportunity to focus a greater amount of time on the acquisition of the Italian language. The course is structured as a combination of traditional grammar study with linguistic practice. Students will gain a basic yet solid understanding of the language through listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a shorter time.

A focus on practical topics will give participants the tools to interact immediately in their new environment. As students develop their language skills, new and more complex topics of conversation are introduced. Students will learn about their new environment through the reading of Italian periodicals and literature, watching Italian films, listening exercises, and writing passages. 

Classes meet five days a week. Students enrolled in the Intensive Italian Language program will also take 2 elective courses from SRISA’s Studio Arts, Liberal Arts and Design Programs.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Matilde Zampi
prof. M. Zampi
Dr. Matilde Zampi was born in Montepulciano (SI), Italy.  She received a Laurea cum Laude degree in Humanities with a major in History in 1989 and her Master degree in Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History in 1992 from the University of Florence. She received her Ph.D. in History of European Society at the University of Pisa in 1997 with a thesis on A Spanish Governor in Milan in 1573 - 1580. She has published critical essays in the historical magazine Accademia Borromaica.
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