Instructor: Ingrid Lamminpää
Credits: 3, Contact Hours: 90
Dept: Digital and Graphic Design
Course Number: TBA
Prerequisites: none


This course focuses on the design elements of motion and interaction as they relate to new media communication. Students will become adept at using elements such as storytelling, visual design, sound design, blogging and be able to use these tools as a means to have an online presence. This course will also introduce them to the principles of animation and film narratives by combining the disciplines of creative writing, graphic design, animation and filmmaking. At the end of this course students will be able to develop an idea and construct a visual narrative.
Meet the Faculty: Ingrid Lamminpää
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Ingrid Lamminpää received her Degree in Architecture in 2005 and continued her academic career in Multimedia Communication and Design, completing her Master degree a couple of years later. She currently teaches in several institutions in the city of Florence.

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