Instructor: Matilde Zampi
Credit hours:
3--Contact hours: 45
Course number:
Italian Language
Prerequisite: none

Course Description: 
This Beginning Italian Language course is for students who have never studied Italian. The goal of the course will be to give students a solid foundation in all the basics of the language, so they can interact with Italians on an every day basis. Examples of such interaction include being able to ask for directions, go grocery shopping, reserve a table at a restaurant and order food, and above all interact with the Italians themselves. By the end of this course, the aim of every student will be able to have a basic conversation.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Matilde Zampi
prof. M. Zampi
Dr. Matilde Zampi was born in Montepulciano (SI), Italy.  She received a Laurea cum Laude degree in Humanities with a major in History in 1989 and her Master degree in Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History in 1992 from the University of Florence. She received her Ph.D. in History of European Society at the University of Pisa in 1997 with a thesis on A Spanish Governor in Milan in 1573 - 1580. She has published critical essays in the historical magazine Accademia Borromaica.
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