prof. Tina Fallani and prof. Matilde Zampi Ph.D.
Credit Hours: 6 -- Contact hours: 90
Course Number: ITAL 101 + INTD 103
Department: Liberal Arts and Cultural Studies
Prerequisite: None

Course Description: In this team taught course students will explore the Italian food culture in an immersive Italian language class.  Through the lens of food, students will learn beginning Italian language conversation.  The students will go on-site to visit markets to learn about the products and speak with vendors while practicing Italian. Students will partake in cooking classes; visits to local makers of wine, olive oil, chocolate, gelato, and cheese for tastings; learn about and experience the Aperitivo culture; and use the Italian language as the way to get closer to Italian people and traditions.  Additionally, cultural context to Italian lifestyle will be provided through topics such as Italian Cinema, Fashion, the “dolce vita”, Italy and the art of living.  

The image of Italy in the world is tightly connected with the global diffusion and promotion of its leading "Made in Italy" products, among which food and wines are the most important. Italy has become the land of class and style, Italian chefs are as popular as Italian fashion designers, Italian wines feature among the best wines of the world, and Italian recipes have found their way to the world’s most renowned restaurants' menus. The course will examine the links between festivals, food, wines, tourism and the contemporary Italian economy and will give students the opportunity to discover the reasons for this miracle through learning Italian while learning how to cook and to enjoy life Italian Style.

The goal of the course is to obtain a basic but solid understanding of the Italian language and Food Culture through listening, speaking reading and writing. The student will be immersed in the Italian language from the very first day of class and will be using the language to shop at the markets, to write recipes, and to connect with Italians.  

Note: This is a 6 credit, 90 contact hour course and cannot be taken in conjunction with another course.  The credits are divided as such: 3 credits of Italian Language, 3 credits of Food and Culture.