Credit hours:
3--Contact hours: 90

Course number:

Graphic and Drawing Design

Prerequisite: none

Course description:
This course will explore the history of Italian Interior and product Design over the last century and the influence and importance that the “made in Italy” label has had in Europe, the United States and the world.Students will explore the history of Italian Design over the last century through slide lecture, reading assignments and on-site visits to show rooms and museums. Attention will be given to the major artistic, socio-political and technological events and their influence on Italian Design.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Enrica Guidato
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Enrica Guidato comes from Lecce, Italy. After receiving her scientific Diploma, she moved to Florence and then New York where she received her Associate Degree for Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology S.U.N.Y. She also received a Diploma for Apparel Design at Ent-Art Polimoda Institute in Florence, Italy. 

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