Instructor: prof. Pietro Gaglianò
Credit hours: 3--Contact hours: 90
Course number: TBA
Department: Lliberal Arts
Prerequisite: The course is open to all students, ready to get involved in shared creative experience, to discover new expression means – neither dance or theatre talents nor athletic attitudes are required, but the availability to use body in warming up sessions will be necessary.

Course Description:
This studio art course is dedicated to the aesthetics and the practice of performance.  Although a studio course, there will be a strong theoretical aspect which aims to outline a historical and cultural framework that shows how performance art was born and traces how we comprehend the practice today.  The aim of which is to better understand how this special, all-embracing art language will be understood in the future.  Physical activities along with actions involving individual exploration of public space are fundamental to the creative process.  Performance art needs bodies, it needs space, it needs action, it needs an audience.  Students will come away from this course with a strong knowledge of these fundamental ideas.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Pietro Gaglianò
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Art critic and scholar of contemporary languages. Contextually to the studies at the Faculty of Architecture, he has been devoted to the knowledge and analysis of the contemporary visual culture. His main topics of interest concern the urban, architectural and social context as stage for contemporary artistic practices; the interaction between arts and geopolitical emergency matters; the relationships between visual art experience and theoretical system of performing arts and experimental theatre. He experiments hybrid forms between art and formation, where creative languages are intended and exploited in an anti discrimination function and to increase social awareness.

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