Instructor: prof. Patricia Silva MFA
Credit hours:
3--Contact hours: 90
Course number: ART 3401C
Department: Printmaking and Book Arts
Prerequisite: Drawing I and Printmaking I

Course Description
The approach of printmaking at Santa Reparata includes low-tech process such as relief prints, intaglio and monotype, combined with the most advanced digital and photomechanical processes. You will be encouraged to build on prior experiences in printmaking and learn new processes in order to develop your personal approach to image making. Processes covered include relief prints, intaglio prints, non acid techniques and collograph.

Students will be provided with many of the supplies associated with creating book structures, such as awls, bone folders, thread, book board, etc. In addition, students will have access in class to communal materials such as adhesives, type, and digital facilities. The text will be a series of handouts provided to students in pdf format. These handouts outline the requirements of each project and must be printed out by students before the class demonstration, preferably at the beginning of each week. In addition, some reference books will be placed on reserve at the Strozzi campus for students to consult if needed.

Materials necessary for this course are:
•Book papers (Pescia, etc…)
•Book cloth and decorative papers.
•Razor blade

Aprox.cost: expect to spend about €60.00 total, depending on your personal projects.
Meet the Faculty: Prof. Patricia Silva MFA
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Patricia Silva received a BFA in Art History/Studio Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and a MFA in Book Arts/Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has also studied at the Centro del Bel Libro in Ascona, Switzerland.


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