prof. Lorenzo Pubblici, Ph.D.

Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 45

Course Number: HIST 370

Department: Liberal Arts and Cultural Studies

Prerequisite: None

Course Description
To study of the Ancient and Early Medieval World means to explore the roots of the European History. It will be a journey not only back to a fascinating past, but mainly through the most important chapter of the ethno-genesis of the Western World. Philosophical, social and economic topics will be covered during the course.

The history of Rome is not only the history of the city-state that unified the Italian peninsula under a military, economic, political and social leadership. Rome’s history has also been a great influence on the history of western civilization. This course is a survey of Roman History from the origin of the city (8th century BC), through the collapse of the Western Empire in the 5th century the rise of the Carolingian Empire (beginning of the 9th century AD), Students in this course will explore the social, political, economic and artistic contributions of the Romans to western civilization. The course will investigate how the Roman empire developed into a Mediterranean network which, at its apex, stretched from Britain in the West to the Tigris and Euphrates in the East. It will also explore how it finally lost political and military control of its empire which broke apart into what became the states of Medieval Europe. Through readings, discussions and essays, students will study the most important topics of this great adventure. Using literary, historical and archaeological methodologies, students will acquire a direct knowledge of Roman world and daily life in the res publica and in the imperium, the details that comprise Roman history, and an understanding of such broad topics as the elegance of Etruscan civilization, Roman relations with foreign nations, social and political institutions, imperialism, the golden age of Latin literature, and the spread of Christianity.

This course will cover topics that relate to the rise of Roman civilization and history and its connection to the development of Western civilization.

Field Trips connected with this course:
Rome, Naples & Pompeii (see
SRISA Field Trips)

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Lorenzo Pubblici
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Pubblici was born in Florence and is former professor of Eastern European History at the University of Florence. He is currently a professor at Sarah Lawrence College, Florence Program as well as at Santa Reparata International School of Art.  His specialization is in the Middle Ages
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