Credit Hours: 3 -- Contact hours: 90
Course Number: 333
Department: Textile Design
Prerequisite: none

Course description:

This course is an introduction of the traditional art of weaving fabrics. In this beginning weaving course students work on four harness weaving looms. The basic loom techniques include: weaving terminology; textile analysis and pattern drafting; preparation of wrap; dressing and operating the loom. Weaving techniques covered are: twills, basket, satin rep, double weave. Hand manipulated techniques studied are: tapestry, inlay, pick-up, brocade, rug knots, leno and lace, and belt weave. This course is intended for fashion design and textile design students.

Meet the Faculty: Prof. Kathleen Knippel
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Kathleen Knippel received her BA in Fine Art and Art Education from California State University, Los Angeles in 1965 and continued on to complete her MFA in Textile Arts with them in 1967. She is co-owner of Art Studio Fuji, school of jewelry making and textile design, in Florence. Knippel is a textile artist who combines her textile works with surface design, sewing and textile sculpture.


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