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Learn more about MY SRISA
MY SRISA can be used for prospective students who plan to attend SRISA.  We invite you to create an account to: 

• Apply for admission
• Check your admission status
• Pay the registration fee
• Schedule a campus tour in Florence
• View sample course syllabi

MY SRISA is used by enrolled students to:

• Register (register, add/drop)
• Manage billing (view invoices, pay tuition, housing, and fees)
• View grades
• View course syllabi and assignments

MY SRISA is used by SRISA Faculty for the following types of activities:

• Advise students
• View registration
• Assign grades to students
• Upload course syllabi and assignments, and share other academic information with their students

MY SRISA is used by SRISA partners and university affiliates to:

• View course syllabi
• Access registration forms
• Access Faculty-Led Program information
• View and Pay invoices
• Request Marketing material

MY SRISA is intended for the use of the SRISA community. It is available for the communication of confidential academic information. By accessing this system, you are obliged to conform with SRISA’s information security policy and to not compromise your or any other person’s confidential information.

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), confidential student information may not be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission from the student. You may direct any questions regarding confidentiality of student records to SRISA’s Assistant Director.
How to Apply to SRISA

First, read about SRISA on our website and 
contact us if you have any questions. Decide when and what you want to study in Florence. Then:

1. Apply to SRISA: Online Enrollment Application (click 
here to apply now)

2. Mail your official academic transcript to the SRISA Admissions Office in San Antonio.  Official electronic transcripts issued directly from the Office of the Registrar at your college or university are also acceptable and can be emailed to  If you are not yet enrolled in a college or university, please send your official high school transcript.  

3. Next make payment of the $70 processing fee that can either be mailed to the SRISA Admissions Office in San Antonio or paid online through 

4. When you are accepted you will be notified by email with your program invoice. At that time, you will be asked to send the following deposits to the Admissions office:

Program and Housing Deposits 
  • The program deposit is applied to your tuition and reserves your place in the program.
  • The housing deposit is a security deposit for your housing in SRISA apartments and is refundable after your stay, minus any damages. 

Semester Students:
  • $1000 Program deposit
  • $500 Housing deposit (shared apt.)
  • $1000 Housing deposit (private apt.)

Summer Students:
  • $500 Program deposit

  • $250 Housing deposit (shared apt.)

  • $500 Housing deposit (private apt.)

Early payment of these deposits is encouraged to ensure your placement in the program.

5. Once we receive the above materials, you will be officially enrolled in SRISA
 and we will send you the following items before your departure: 

  • Official enrollment letter (semester students will need this to obtain a student visa from the Italian Consulate in your jurisdiction), detailed semester calendar, schedule of courses, Invoice for your tuition, housing and transcript fees.

  • The SRISA Liability Waiver, Passport Information, Course Registration Form, and Pre-Departure Student Handbook are available for completion and download on the Forms page of the SRISA website.

  • Apartment and roommate assignments will sent by email approximately 2 weeks before your program begins as well as the optional Field Trip Application. 

6. The remaining balance of your tuition, housing costs and transcript fee is due one month before your program begins. Check due dates on invoices to insure timely payment and avoid late fees!

7. Don’t Forget! Plan in advance to buy your plane tickets, obtain student visa and current passport.  

Now you will be ready to fly to Florence to begin your studies at SRISA! 

Please note that all forms can be requested from the Registrar or downloaded from our website (click here)