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Learn more about MY SRISA
MY SRISA can be used for prospective students who plan to attend SRISA.  We invite you to create an account to: 

• Apply for admission
• Check your admission status
• Pay the registration fee
• Schedule a campus tour in Florence
• View sample course syllabi

MY SRISA is used by enrolled students to:

• Register (register, add/drop)
• Manage billing (view invoices, pay tuition, housing, and fees)
• View grades
• View course syllabi and assignments

MY SRISA is used by SRISA Faculty for the following types of activities:

• Advise students
• View registration
• Assign grades to students
• Upload course syllabi and assignments, and share other academic information with their students

MY SRISA is used by SRISA partners and university affiliates to:

• View course syllabi
• Access registration forms
• Access Faculty-Led Program information
• View and Pay invoices
• Request Marketing material

MY SRISA is intended for the use of the SRISA community. It is available for the communication of confidential academic information. By accessing this system, you are obliged to conform with SRISA’s information security policy and to not compromise your or any other person’s confidential information.

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), confidential student information may not be disclosed to a third party without explicit permission from the student. You may direct any questions regarding confidentiality of student records to SRISA’s Assistant Director.
Health Insurance & Medical Information 

It is important to check with your medical provider and insurance company to ascertain what expenses incurred in Europe are covered. We highly recommend that you purchase short-term travel insurance to supplement your current medical plan. Travel insurance covers these four basic areas: 
1. Medical/health problems 
2. Property loss 
3. Trip cancellation/interruption 
4. Emergency evacuation 

One of many companies that has had positive student feedback is HTH Worldwide,

Local Italian Health Insurance
Students studying for semester programs are required to have health insurance coverage in Italy for the application of their Permit of Stay.  Students should check their current health insurance plan to see if it includes travel abroad. If it doesn't, they may purchase a travel insurance such as those described above or local Italian Health Insurance (not valid outside of Italy) through our partners at 
Eduitalia.  This plan covers students should they need to take a trip to the Italian emergency room (pronto soccorso) and may be used for minor issues as well as real emergencies. 

Medications and Doctors Visits 
Students requiring special medications and carry them in their original pharmacy containers as well as the prescription itself. Do not have medicine shipped from the US, as it will be promptly stopped in customs.   

There are 24-hour pharmacies in each section of the city and a nearby tourist clinic with English-speaking physicians. The normal charge is about 40-60 Euro per visit.