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Strung along 18km of serrated cliffs between Levanto and La Spezia, the Cinque Terre is one of Italy’s treasures. These five higgledy-piggledy villages – Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore – are cut off by mountains choked with olive groves and dry-stone-walled vineyards, where farmers have eked out a living over the centuries.The Cinque Terre became a Unesco World Heritage site in 1997, which includes a protected marine area, and became a national park (Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre) in 1999. Wine growers still use monorail mechanisms to ferry themselves up and the grapes down these unique lands, and in some cases have to harvest by boat. If the terraced hillsides are not worked, they will quite literally slide into the sea.

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  • Something about the region of the Cinque Terre: Liguria

    President: Claudio Burlando (PD, Italian Democratic Party)
    Area: 5,422 km2 (2,093.4 sq mi)
    Population (2008-10-31)
    • Total: 1,614,924
    • Density: 297.8/km2 (771.4/sq mi)
    Time zone: CET (UTC+1)
    Summer (DST)/CEST (UTC+2)
    GDP/Nominal: € 41 billion (2006)