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Something about PISA (Source:, ©copyright Comune di Pisa)

The Lungarni
Many poets and artists have been fascinated by Lungarni Pisani having inspiration from the beautiful noble palaces that overlook the Arno river. Today, this location also features important museums along the Arno river creating a real "museum system." This is a picturesque walk which has as its theme the river has always been inextricably linked to the life of the city.
Piazza dei Miracoli
In a relatively short distance to be traveled is condensed history of Pisa and its most evocative and impressive without neglecting some small hidden rarity. This is the most suitable path to see the city of Pisa cutting it from the station to Miracles Square.
San Francesco
A path in the city center which emphasizes the importance of strategic points approaching on tiptoe to historical buildings, squares and cloisters, abbeys desecrated able to surprise and also you can visit an example of the archaeological site in the heart of the city, the only monument of Roman Pisa still emerging.
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