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If you want to go in pilgrimage in the place were the Italian Constitution has been born, you have to go in the mountains where the partisans fell, in the jails where they were imprisoned, in the fields where they were hanged. Young people, with your mind you have to go wherever an Italian died to redeem the freedom and the dignity because there, has been born the Italian Constitution.
Piero Calamandrei

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you can see the SRISA Students with Enrico Pieri, survivor of the massacre. We had the unique privilege to meet him and talk to him. We will never forget this experience.
About the Massacre (source Wikipedia)

On the morning of 12 August 1944, German troops of the 2nd Battalion of SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 35 of
16th SS Panzergrenadier Division Reichsführer-SS, commanded by SS-Hauptsturmführer Anton Galler, entered the mountain village of Sant'Anna di Stazzema. The soldiers immediately proceeded to round up villagers and refugees, locking up hundreds of them in several barns and stables before beginning systematically executing them. The killings were done mostly by shooting groups of people with machine guns or by herding them into basements and other enclosed spaces and tossing in hand grenades. At the 16th-century local church, the priest Fiore Menguzzo (awarded the medal valor civile posthumously in 1999) was shot at point-blank range, and machine guns were then turned on some 100 people gathered there. In all, the victims included at least 107 children (the youngest of whom, Anna Pardini, was only 20 days old), as well as eight pregnant women (one of whom, Evelina Berretti, had her stomach cut with a bayonet and her baby pulled out and killed separately). After the people were killed through the village, their corpses were set on fire (at the church, the soldiers used its pews for a bonfire to dispose of the bodies). The livestock were also exterminated and the whole village was burnt down. All this took three hours. The soldiers then sat down outside the burning Sant'Anna and ate lunch.