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Frequently asked questions, click on the plus symbol to open the answer
What are the requirements to apply?
All students applying to SRISA must meet the following requirements:
  • Students must be at least 18 years of age
  • Students must have a high school diploma, or equivalent G.E.D.
  • Student must have maintained a 2.5 in all college work attempted.
  • Students must submit most recent transcript (either high school or college transcripts) to the Registrar’s Office along with their application.
Do I need to submit a portfolio or samples of my work with my application?
It is not necessary to submit a portfolio with your application. However, if you would like to submit one, you are more than welcome to.
Do I need to have previous art experience or an art background to attend Santa Reparata?
No, it is not necessary to have an art background or any previous art experience. Although many of our students are art majors, we have students from varied backgrounds who wish to receive an introduction to art. 
Does SRISA offer financial aid or scholarships?
SRISA does not offer financial aid.  However, oftentimes your financial aid from for home institution can be used at SRISA, including federal and private loans and scholarships.  Usually this option is available through a Consortium Agreement between your home institution an dSIRSA.  Simply contact the financial aid and study abroad offices at your institution to see what the process is for your specific school.
Although quite competitive, sRISA does offer a few scholarship opportunities based on merit and need.  For more information, see
our scholarships page
How much money should I budget for my time abroad?
Although the exact amount will vary greatly between students, we recommend budgeting at least $25 per day for your entire stay.  Again, this amount will vary greatly from student to student depending on individual spending habits.  If you plan on traveling during your time in Florence, try to take these travel expenses into account before you leave.  You may request a detailed estimated semester or summer budget from the registrar here.
Where should I exchange my money in Florence? 
You will inevitably lose quite a bit of money in the exchange of your currency to Euro directly in Florence. We do not advise bringing your home currency for exchange as a primary means of financial support while abroad.  Although there are exchange offices all over Florence, they charge a commission and their exchange rate is usually much higher than directly withdrawing from an ATM.  While you will be charged an international usage fee, generally between 3-5%, the ATMs (Bancomat in Italian) base their exchange rate off of the current market value making them a preferable method of retrieving Euro.
How do I know if my ATM/Check card will work abroad?
Before leaving home contact your bank to inform them that you will be traveling abroad. They will tell you if your card is compatible with Europe’s systems and may even give you an international pin code. You can also check that your card has the “Cirrus” logo on the back. But remember do not limit your funds to one form (i.e. debit card, travel checks, or credit card).
What should I do once I arrive in Florence?
Once you arrive in Florence you will want to take a taxi to the school to check into housing. Taxis are located outside of the airport and train stations. The cost of a taxi is usually 10-12 Euro from the train station and 20 Euro plus luggage from the airport. You will have the taxi take you to Via San Gallo 53-red, where a staff member will get you checked in and accompany you to your apartment. Check the calendar for your specific check-in date. Office hours are from 9am–6pm Monday through Friday.
*Important: If you are arriving before the check-in date, arriving after hours, or over the weekend you are responsible for reserving accommodations at a hotel. You can find a list of nearby hotels here.
When will I receive my housing assignment? 
Students arranging housing through Santa Reparata will be sent housing information by e-mail 1-2 weeks before classes begin. If you have questions about housing you can also contact our Housing Coordinator here.
When will I receive my class schedule?
Class schedules will be given out in Florence during the Academic Orientation. 
Should I buy my art supplies in Italy or the U.S.?
There are many art supply stores in Florence where you will be able to find most of your necessary supplies.  Cost of supplies in Italy vary slightly from the U.S.  You may wish to bring some basic supplies (ie: paint brushes, sketchbook, etc) with you but it is not necessary.
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