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There are many places to go for those who wish to keep in shape by practicing some sports.
Many gyms provide monthly subscriptions with a trial period of a couple of days to make sure it’s the right gym for you. Below you can find a list of gyms we recommend. Please note that if you decide to subscribe for a monthly pass or more you will need a statement of health and fitness from a doctor.

Palestra Ricciardi
Borgo Pinti 72, Tel: 055 2478444

Via Palazzuolo 49 r, Tel: 055 293308

Palestra Porta Romana
Via Silvani, Tel: 055 2321799

New Meeting
Via del Romito 44, Tel: 055 486016

Silhouette Club

Viale dei Mille 97, Tel: 055 571488

Yoga & Oriental Arts

For those who wish to practice some oriental arts we suggest the following places:


Borgo Pinti 5, Tel: 055 2344605

Centro Yoga
Via Bardi 5, Tel: 055 2342703

Viale Corsica 3/r, Tel. 055 362090

Squash Courts
There is only one place in Florence where you can practice some squash and it is located outside of the city center.
Centro Squash
Via Empoli 16, Tel: 055 7323055

Swimming Pools
There are many indoor pools in town. You will normally have to enroll for at least one month to get access to them. However, some of them also give you the opportunity to try it out for one day usually on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Piscina Bellariva
Lungarno Aldo Moro 6, Tel: 055 674200/ 055 674325

Piscina Costoli

Viale P. Paoli, Tel: 055 6236027

Piscina Amici del Nuoto

Via del Romito 38/b, Tel: 055 483951

Piscina Stadio Franchi

Viale Maratona, Tel: 055 5002225

Piscina Rari Nantes

Lungarno Ferrucci 24, Tel: 055 6812141

Parks and Open Spaces
The preferred jogging spot in Florence is the Parco delle Cascine, near Ponte della Vittoria where you will find people running all day long.  You can take bus n. 17 from the train station or Piazza San Marco. Another fun place to jog is near the Piazzale Michelangelo. You can take the n. 13 bus there and then jog back down through the winding roads enjoying a splendid view of Florence! Another nice open space is Parco dell’ Albereta, in Via Villamagna, Tel: 055/ 680452 where there are also tennis and basketball courts which you can access for free, provided that there are not other people already