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Getting around Florence

PLEASE NOTE: All Florentine bus information can be found at
A large network of bus routes serves Florence. Bus stops are marked by orange signs, (Fermata) which show the bus numbers that correspond to that stop. These signs give information on the route and the directions the bus is heading. The train station is indicated by Stazione F.S.  Two main bus stops are the train station and P. San Marco. It is possible to catch most bus routes from these two stops.

Standard tickets cost € 1,20 for a 90 minutes ride. You can also buy a four-trip ticket for the price of € 4,70. There are tickets good for 24 hours, three days and seven days. If you are to stay in Florence for more than one month it is worth buying a student bus pass good for unlimited city bus travel for one month. All types of bus tickets can be purchased at most bars, Tabacchi and newsstands.

Send a message writing "Ataf" at the number
4880105, and you will receive the electronic ticket right on your phone at the cost of 1,20Euro.
To apply for a student bus pass go to SALA CLIENTI ATAF c/o Stazione SMN – FIRENZE - monday-friday 7.30am-7.30pm, saturday 7.30am- 1.30pm. Or call the Infoline (everyday 6.00am – 9.00 pm): from a fixed phone call 800-424500, from your mobile phone call 199-104245 or check here.
Please note that tickets must be validated once on the bus!!!!!!!!!!

Bus Routes and Bus Hours
You can ask for free bus schedule at the ATAF Office, in  Piazza  Stazione or use the timetable search found on their website.

Rules you need to observe when riding the bus: 
·Board the bus using the front and back doors not the middle door.  The middle door is used for exiting the bus. 
·Offer your seat to the elderly, disabled, or a mother and child etc.
·Try not to block the doors
·To signal to the bus driver that you would like him to stop push one of the red buttons by the door.

To the Airport
There is a CITY BUS to reach PERETOLA AIRPORT. Its name is “VOLA IN BUS” (it has no number).

The Bus-Stop is at the SITA STATION (“Autostazione Sita”) in front of the Santa Maria Novella Train Station (right after Mc Donald’s).
The ticket is 4 euro: you can buy it on the bus only if you have the exact sum.

By Bike
Many students prefer to buy a second hand bike to get around town. One-day bike rentals are also available through the City of Florence. You will need to leave a document and pay a small fee. Should you decide to use the bike to move around Florence please be aware of the traffic, which can be chaotic. Always bring a strong bike lock with you as there are expert bike thieves around without a lock you may lose your bike!

Visiting Florence Surroundings
Places like Fiesole or Settignano can be reached by taking a city bus. To go to Fiesole you can take bus # 7, and to go to Settignano you can take bus # 10. They all depart from the train station or Piazza San Marco.  To visit places outside the metropolitan area you can use both, train or regional coaches: SITA is the most convenient to reach the Chianti area and Siena because of its many departures throughout the day. The SITA coach station is located in Via Santa Caterina da Siena near the train station. LAZZI is another regional bus with 2 stations near the central train station.

Renting a Car
There are many car rental agencies all over the city. To rent a car you must bring your driver’s license and a credit card. A deposit is necessary. When you return the car your deposit will be refunded.
We suggest you use CITY CAR RENT, that is inside ‘LA STAZIONE garage”, in via Alamanni 3/a, (just outside the Santa Maria Novella Train Station, “Alamanni” side). The staff is very friendly and they offer weekend rentals: tell them you are from Santa Reparata and ask for a discount. 
Another rental agency is CTS, in Via dei Ginori 25, Tel: 055 218372. This is a travel agency specialized in students offers and they also provide a car rental service with special student prices. To be eligible for the offer, you will need to subscribe for the ISIC student card, which also offers very good discounts on flights.

Taxis are quite expensive. However, late at night they are the only public transportation available. Please remember that most of the time you will have to call a taxi by phone (055 4242, or 055 4390, 055 4798 and the brand new 055 2001326 whose drivers are only female).  In Italy, it is not customary to stop them on the street! There are many Taxis stands around town located: in Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza San Marco, Porta Romana, Santa Maria Novella, Piazza Santa Trinita, and behind the Duomo Cathedral.


PLEASE NOTE: All Italian train information can be found at or

Posted in all Italian train stations there are large yellow and white timetables, located along or at the end of the platforms. One will be the ‘PARTENZE’ (departures) and the other ‘ARRIVI’ (arrivals). At the left of the timetable you will see the times of departures and arrivals of the various trains. You will then read across to see when and where the train will stop. Also included: Binario (Bin, this is the track number); a small sign for a bed indicates that there are sleeping facilities; 1-2 means first and second class service; a knife and fork indicates that there is a dining car.
Tickets are best purchased at the train station; if you purchase your ticket on the train, or upgrade to another class, expect to pay a big Supplemento (surcharge).
Remember that in Europe, all trains run on a 24 hour clock or military time: for example, 2:00 pm is 14:00 and 12:30 am is 12:30.
Reading down the chart, all of the trains leaving will be listed chronologically at the left. Trains marked in red or blue are fast trains.

There are various kinds of trains in Italy. 
Italo is the new train of the competitor of Trenitalia.
This trains connecting Turin-Milan-Bologna-Rome-Naples-Salerno on the high speed line. The trains reach the speed up to 360 km/h.
This trains connecting Rome to Venice, Verona, Bari/Lecce, Lamezia Terme/ReggioCalabria on the high speed lines and traditional lines. Frecciargento trains reach up to 250 Km/h speed.
This trains connecting Milan to: Venice, Udine e Trieste; Genoa and Rome; down to Bari, Lecce on the traditional line. Frecciabianca trains can reach speed of 200 km/h.
Other Eurostar Italia
This trains conencting Rome to Ancona, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Reggio Calabria, Perugia, Ravenna, Rimini, Taranto.
This trains connecting major and minor cities in Italy to meet the different mobility requirements of medium to long distances.
Night trains
Trenitalia's most versatile services for medium to long-distance journeys
Trains for local transport
The local transport fleet is made up 7.200 trains every day.
Internationl trains
Connections with Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Lubiana, Zagabria, Belgrado and Budapest.

On these options, you may choose either first or second-class. Second class is automatically given when you buy your ticket unless otherwise mentioned. Second-class seats are usually perfectly comfortable, unless you want to pay for the upgrade, first class is not necessary.

Short distances do not normally have a restaurant car but vendors often pass through with overpriced drinks and coffee. The long distance trains have a pleasant buffet and restaurant car. Bringing your own fruit, sandwiches, and drinks is not a bad idea, and no one will object.